You know you're a "Party Animal" if you do these 5 things

1.           Purchase more “party outfits” than casual outfits.

Sure, we all have a range of outfits in our wardrobe. The frequent party goer, however, has several “Party Outfits” and a few more threads for other occasions. This might be that friend who’s always overdressed for a casual chill day while you’re wearing your simple top and a pair of jeans.

2.           Your friends always come to you when they want to go out.

Where’s the party at tonight? Unless you work in event planning or a related field, you don’t usually get asked this question. You are definitely a party animal if you find yourself frequently giving the answers. Similarly, you’re seen as the party icon and people have a tendency to follow you on social media to keep up to date with events. There are perks to this, however, as you get free tickets or payment in exchange for posting events on your social media pages.

3.           Always willing to party.

Who needs company? It’s all about the music and the vibe. Hard-core party goers will go to an event without friends, as companionship does not determine whether or not they enjoy their night. “If I don’t have any company I don’t think I’ll go this party” is often the average person’s sentiment when deciding whether or not to attend an event.

4.           You spot a party poster from miles away.

Among all the street advertising,  entrepreneurs often spot billboards of similar businesses . The event posters are often overlooked. The Party Animal, however, is always on the lookout for the next big party so they are quicker to spot party posters.

5.           You picture yourself at a party when you hear a song on the radio.

Dopamine is released in the brain when we listen to music. Hearing a song can take you back to a wedding you attended six months ago or a morning jog you took last week. The party animals find themselves back at a party they went the night before, reminiscing on the fun they had and making plans for their next night out.


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