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Afya (meaning health and harmony in Kiswahili) aims to provide a positive atmosphere where you can discover & explore the benefits of Yoga,Pilates & Dance. Enjoy yoga through relaxation and meditation.

See schedule for available time slots.

Fri, November 01 - 10:00am

Nothing makes us happier than serving you Burritos All Day, Every Friday #ChilitosJamexican with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or ackee and plantain.

Fri, November 01 - 11:00am

Presented by Cinema Paradise enjoy 3 exquisite days in celebration of Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and land of film. 

Fri, November 01 - 1:00pm

This & every Friday you can enjoy music and vibe with amazing DJ talents. 

Fri, November 01 - 6:00pm

Margarita All Evening, Every Friday 

Fri, November 01 - 6:00pm

This & every Friday you can enjoy great food and vibe at The Terrace.

Fri, November 01 - 6:00pm

This & every Friday you can enjoy music from various genres and amazing DJ talents. 

Fri, November 01 - 6:00pm

Chillax after work this Friday to enjoy music by DD's International with DJ Duan Dj Fabulous 

Fri, November 01 - 6:00pm

An amazing evening indulging in the taste of each festival event lined up just for you.

Fri, November 01 - 7:00pm

This & every Friday night with music by Coppershot and LAING D

Fri, November 01 - 8:00pm

The 4 Diamond Edition brings you Special Guest Dj Rio, Dj Franco and Richie D, Heineken Bucket Deal 

Fri, November 01 - 8:00pm

The Ultimate drinking experience.

Fri, November 01 - 9:00pm

Here we GO!!! The #UltimateFete @HardWineja!

On Nov 1 we on our #WorstBehaviour for the Ultimate Soca Experience powered by the #General @SkinnyFabulous!

Come join the #Famalayy on the #SavannahGrass

Get presold tickets starting today for ONLY $2000!!!!

Ticket Outlets:
- The Wright Place (Irvine Hall Parking Lot)1 (876) 970-0668
- Genus Pharmacy:(Braeton Portmore)- (876-988-1665)
- Shopper's Den:(Chancellor Hall UWI)- (876-970-3436)
- UTech Students' Union- (876-970-2222)
- Signature Style (Half Way Tree)- (876-632-1559)
- Texaco (Barbican)-(876-927-9597)
- Texaco (Liguanea)- (876-927-4136)
- Willokare Pharmacy (75 Knutsford Blvd, New Kingston) - 876-754-7776

#HardWineNov1 #HardWine

Fri, November 01 - 9:00pm

Salsa Jamaica presents a night of Latin dancing that will be hot, spicy and sexy. They also offer dance classes in case you want to learn some new moves 

Fri, November 01 - 9:30pm

Music by Special Guest DJ

Fri, November 01 - 10:00pm