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Now this is something to jump about!
Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival is screening online to the English-speaking Caribbean, Sept 09-15!

We’ve expanded our online presence this year with screenings of over 120 shorts, features, narrative films, documentaries, and experimental films which explore the Caribbean experience, giving audiences the chance to continue supporting Caribbean filmmakers.

Browse films and purchase tickets at our website linked below  

Sat, September 12 (All day)

You don't have to go to the beach for your taste of the sea. Pull in to 2 Chel-SEA Avenue for Seafood Saturday.
100% fresh seafood served from 11:30 am to 7 pm this and every Saturday. You may access their curbside pick-up service by dialing 906-0602 or 754-7134. Delivery also available through 7Krave, Cutdiline and Delivery Endz. 

Sat, September 12 - 11:30am

Haven't been out in a while? Longing for an ice cold bottle of your favourite brew? Check BRUE!
Brue Saturdays is back, this and every Saturday at the Bamboo Bar, 90 Barbican Road.
Beer bucket deals all day, so stop screw, call yuh crew, pass through, BRUE.

Sat, September 12 - 12:00pm