With work-from-home officially ending this week, many of us are now back in the office. We must remember, though, that the pandemic is still with us. As we try to get into a new normal, here are five things that will help you create a safe working environment.

Limit the number of people coming into the office.

Feeling bored in these lockdown times? Chances are, there's a challenge for that. Here are three fun "challenges" now popular on TikTok and other social media. Hope you can entertain yourself.

1. Wipe it down

Over the last few months, most Jamaicans have been experiencing a new normal none of us ever expected. COVID-19 has forced us to pivot towards new ways of doing things. Below are three ideas that we may see more of in the future, thanks to the current pandemic.

Since it’s the most critical tool to fight community spread of the COVID-19 virus, social distancing quickly became the pandemic’s buzzword. But because most of use thrive on social interaction, limiting or avoiding it altogether has been challenging. Thankfully, there are a few virtual ways for us to stay in touch with our family and friends.

The new normal is frightening in more ways than one. Besides threatening the health of Jamaica’s, it is wrecking our economy. But there’s a silver lining to this storm cloud as Jamaican entrepreneurs seize on business opportunities to produce reusable masks, hand sanitizers and care kits.  And some are offering curbside pickup. Read how our ingenuity is responding... Read More

Round up social media posts of celebrities imploring people to stay indoors.

Celebrities have always wielded extensive influence, especially in Jamaica. Now several homegrown superstars are putting their popularity to use in the pandemic. Check out these four Jamaican celebrities who are rallying their fans to stay home and keep safe:

Usain Bolt

It’s almost a month since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit Jamaica. With no end in sight, it’s easy to feel a little helpless in this awful time. However, there are still several ways for us all to support each other during this crisis. Here are five things we suggest you can do to help:


While the novel coronavirus is no laughing matter, sometimes, you haffi tek serious ting mek joke. From Lovindeer’s “Wild Gilbert” in 1988 to Wayne J’s “Chikunguya Song (One Panadol)” in 2015, Jamaican singers have long used grave current affairs as a muse for their music. COVID-19 is no different.

Whether self-isolating, in quarantine, sheltering in place or simply social distancing, Coronavirus or Covid-19 has many of us stuck at home. Most schools are out and many businesses are operating from home. Bars, clubs and theatres are closed and restrictions on public gatherings have made parties and other social gatherings near impossible.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been stockpiling "must-haves" to protect themselves from the virus. Panicked shoppers across Jamaica cleared supermarket and pharmacy shelves of everything from household cleaning products to toilet paper. To help you buy sensibly amid this panic, here are three things you can probably leave on the shelves: