COVID-19 has kept us cooped this year, so getting out into nature is more important than ever. Even as you enjoy the great outdoors remember to protect your health, and not just from this dreaded strain of the coronavirus. Here are five essentials you should have on hand for your trip (besides mask and sanitizer). 

1) Insect repellent 

A Pandemic Salute goes out to Ding Dong. The entertainer donated several Kindle Fire tablets to children in his home community, Nannyville.

The “Flairy” artist also enlisted the help of Grace Foods, who sponsored their prominent spokesman’s initiative and doubled his purchase. 

The pandemic has negatively impacted everyone, but women are particularly hard hit.

Jamaica is not on lockdown, but we might as well be. Daily curfew starts at 7:00 pm, gatherings are limited to 15, visits to family and friends are prohibited, socialising after Church is forbidden, and if you are over seventy, you’d better stay home! … Stay home and do what though, that is, if you’re not working from home, another atrocity for many!

Koffee asked, "Where will we go when the quarantine ting done and everybody touch road?" But with Covid-19  seemingly ubiquitous, going anywhere, let alone for a vacation, might be the last thing on your mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have seen in our life. With this unprecedented event has come unmitigated stress. This threat to our health and safety means we must do all we can to reduce our stress levels so our immune systems can keep us well.

Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Senator Kamala Harris made history this month when Joe Biden chose her as his running mate.

Since YouTube, video has become part of our daily lives. Most of us watch, but only a few actually make them because there were barriers like expensive equipment and competition for viewers’ attention. Not anymore!  TikTok has changed that.

With TikTok, you have 15 seconds to tell the joke. Luckily, Jamaicans don’t need that much time to be funny. Here are four #jamaicancomedy TikToks we’re loving!

1. “Get Back with your ex or dry up the rain”