You’ve worked hard all year. Now it’s time to kick back and relax for the festive season. But where should you go and celebrate the Christmas holidays? While Jamaica is a top destination for foreigners to spend their Christmas, they’re not the only ones who can enjoy the delights the island has to offer.

Not everybody finds it easy to get into the holiday spirit leading up to Christmas. Some people simply don’t enjoy the silly season. Others actually get depressed amidst all the fun. Well, we want you to enjoy yourself and find ways to make merry. So, we’ve compiled a list of Prips approved activities to get you feeling festive. 

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure gift shopping is at the top of your priority list these days. But if you’re stressing and need a few ideas about what to get those few people on your list who are difficult to shop for, we’ve got you covered with some neat ideas that might have slipped your mind in all the shopping chaos.

Jamaica boasts some of the most incredible beaches. But although we are islanders, many of us are landlubbers, not too curious about what’s under the surface. Well, we are tempted to say that sea and sand can hardly match what’s underwater. 

Want to shop early for that memorable gift for a special someone this Christmas? Look no further. Kingston Night Market is the perfect place to pick up unique Jamaican-made items that will please anyone. And, you can also enjoy an evening of food, drink and top-class entertainment in the well-lit and handsomely decorated courtyard market at 8 Hillcrest Avenue,... Read More

People don’t typically associate surfing with Jamaica. You’re more likely to think of Hawaii or California. But, believe it or not, we actually have a well-established surfing community right here. After all, we are surrounded by sea, and for about eight months on the north and south coast beaches, there are many waves to ride. So why not make the most of that by... Read More

If you’ve done it you probably know ziplining is more fun than frightening. as You sky-rocket through trees and dense forest up in the air while strapped into a harness zipping across a line. Sound terrifying? Perhaps. But if you want an exciting adventure and an exhilarating rush you could do worse. Try these ziplining places on the island.

Make your holiday this Heroes' Day Weekend educational, enjoyable, and, most importantly, more meaningful. After all, National Heroes' Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate our National Heroes and their achievements for the country. 

To help you do just that, we’ve pulled a list of activities to try from our Prips page:

On Wednesday 25thSeptember, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report on Oceans and the Cryosphere (frozen regions); showing the negative and accelerating impacts of climate change. The report was an important moment which sounds the alarm for the Caribbean – we need to understand these risks as a region – and urgently act on... Read More

Thrifting, or shopping for second hand or vintage clothes, is a lesser known activity in Jamaica. But thanks to outfits like Back on the Rack, Mukkle Thrift, Thrift Nature, Thrifty Boutique, and The Thrift Link it is becoming less and less taboo as Jamaicans begin to see the benefits.