So, Brazil’s out of the World Cup and you still have all those pesky flags lying around... Here are some ideas of what you can do with them now:

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The days are long and hot, and they get really boring if you don’t do anything with them. How many of these have you already done?

There is more than a bit of science in cooking an awesome Gungo Stew.  This Jamaican favorite is a creole culture piece, even iconic for foodies.

We went to a jazz concert in Trafalgar Park recently. It was a quiet performance, as that goes, because you couldn’t hear the music until you were at the venue. The cars were parked orderly outside and the audience inside were almost as quiet as those at a speak easy.

Not sure what to do at the end of your meal? Here is a simple guide on how to tip your waiter.

We don’t just have talented chefs; we also have excellent bartenders too. A glass of something when paired with the unique flavour of the island’s local rum makes having a drink in Jamaica a memorable experience. The challenging question when we sit at a restaurant is, ‘What can I get you to drink?’

We know a VIP ticket includes a special wristband that sets us apart from the crowd. But that pretty plastic or paper alone is not worth that extra cash. VIP tickets are usually twice the general admission. So if it’s an expensive event you’re looking at a huge spend. If you have limited funds you want to ensure that the experience you get is worth the purchase.... Read More

Not sure where you will be dining this restaurant week? Here are 5 great choices! Don't forget to share

We like open spaces and places. Even in disenchanting Kingston. That’s why we enjoyed Liguanea before it was denuded, and why we always feel like streaking on King’s House grounds. We even have a slight attraction to Trafalgar Road because of its width at some points. And Palisadoes is to die for given its roadside spaces and views of the harbor and the Atlantic... Read More

A pleasant good morning! What an extraordinarily polite way to be greeted on the telephone, or in person. Kindly hold, we are told. It’s so nice to be spoken to like that. Are you getting through? Such a considerate sentiment.