Hard Wine - The Ultimate Soca Experience

Mas Camp
Kingston 5
Saint Andrew Parish

Here we GO!!! The #UltimateFete @HardWineja!

On Nov 1 we on our #WorstBehaviour for the Ultimate Soca Experience powered by the #General @SkinnyFabulous!

Come join the #Famalayy on the #SavannahGrass

Get presold tickets starting today for ONLY $2000!!!!

Ticket Outlets:
- The Wright Place (Irvine Hall Parking Lot)1 (876) 970-0668
- Genus Pharmacy:(Braeton Portmore)- (876-988-1665)
- Shopper's Den:(Chancellor Hall UWI)- (876-970-3436)
- UTech Students' Union- (876-970-2222)
- Signature Style (Half Way Tree)- (876-632-1559)
- Texaco (Barbican)-(876-927-9597)
- Texaco (Liguanea)- (876-927-4136)
- Willokare Pharmacy (75 Knutsford Blvd, New Kingston) - 876-754-7776

#HardWineNov1 #HardWine

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