10 Things to do with your Brazil Flag

So, Brazil’s out of the World Cup and you still have all those pesky flags lying around... Here are some ideas of what you can do with them now:

  1. Blindfold — no point in seeing the rest of the tournament now, is there?
  2. Wipe away your tears — sure you never expected them to go so early, but it’s not unusual for Brazil to disappoint us.
  3. Blow your nose — you could blame this on your tears, or your allergies, no one’s checking. Promise
  4. Durag/Tie-head — just because Brazil didn’t win doesn’t mean your waves shouldn’t be on swim.
  5. Wash cloth — they always say cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  6. Kitchen Towel — save the environment!
  7. Place Mat — it’ll compliment the colours in any meal!
  8. Kindle — for when you just can’t seem to get your fire going.
  9. Car Wash Cloth — now you can really buff in that car wax
  10. Napkin — swipe away those unsightly crumbs.

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