Summer Bucket List

Image by @coreymus

The days are long and hot, and they get really boring if you don’t do anything with them. How many of these have you already done?

  1. Walk along the entire stretch of Negril’s 7 Mile Beach
  2. Ride on a glass bottom boat
  3. Surf at Jamnesia Surf Camp
  4. Sing your heart out at karaoke
  5. Club hop in Kingston
  6. Take a spin on a go-kart
  7. Camp out in Holywell
  8. Hike to Blue Mountain Peak
  9. Zipline in Ochi
  10. Raft down the Rio Grande
  11. Watch the sunset at the Waterfront in Kingston
  12. Invite your crush to the movies
  13. Have a dinner party with your friends
  14. Go for an early morning run at Palisadoes
  15. Binge watch a Netflix series
  16. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  17. Dive into Blue Lagoon
  18. Finish a game of Kaluki
  19. Have epic photoshoots along the way and record the journey!

Image by @islandgirlintransit

Image by MoonJamaica

If you do decide to go through with this bucket list, tag us in your photos on @pripsja. We would love to see!

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